True and the Rainbow Kingdom Fanon Wiki
Welcome to the True and the Rainbow Kingdom Fanon Wiki!

Here you can make your own fanon characters for True and the Rainbow Kingdom, post all your shipping trash and enjoy the fun! True and the Rainbow Kingdom is a series on Netflix and is NOT a manga nor anime, and is based on art by FriendsWithYou and IamOther. This wiki was created to yeet the annoying shipping things out of the main wiki.

OK, we put some silly things about the main characters, just to not keep it going out of hand once the shippers arive.

This fandom is based on True and the Rainbow Kingdom, as said again. After getting the purpose of why we made this, what do you do?

Like in all fanon wikis, one is creating your Fandom OC. In this case, a True and the Rainbow Kingdom OC. Make a page about them and what they are! Include it with rich information, about their personaility and everything!

They can be whatever you want, but you have to follow these rules, or it will be deleted or turned into something else.

-A image of your OC, this is not mandatory, but it will make your page better.

-Don't make it weak or poor

-No spamming

-No bad words

-Nothing mean

-Good quality

-No deleting/editing other people's pages.

-Be kind and fair.

-Include your username/ who made the story

This is not just for OCs but also for stories!

You can create your own true and the Rainbow Kingdom fanfics! They can be funny or teasing, dramatic and cringy, almost anything. Shipping will be allowed because we created this so people can stop putting bad stuff on the main wiki. Anyways, the fanfic can be anything, but only with these conditions

-No spamming

-No bad words

-No mean things (like making fun of another user in it)

-You're story shouldn't be way too off topic

-Make your story one page. Don't keep making pages. If you get more ideas for it, make another page or edit the page you already have. For example, if I have a story called "Hero" I can only make another page so it can be the Part Two, unless I'm starting a whole new story

-Put your username to tell who made it

Here is a example of what it should be close to (the format) Grizelda Dabs (Fanfic)

And that's about it! If you have any questions, please ask in the comments! Thank you!

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